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Shipping & Returns

Please read the following terms carefully before you place your order. Our service team will provide after-sale service according to these terms when your transaction is approved.

About Shipping

1. After the order delivery we will give you the order number so that you can view the goods information, if the order arrived on the fifth business day, the goods failed to ship, we will contact you.

2. We will not be responsible if the package is lost, damaged or stolen on or after arrival. If you have special transportation requirements, please call us in advance.

3. We will try to contact you before and after your packaging shipment. If your packaging is lost or damaged, please contact us immediately and your local delivery center to report your problem.

Returns Instructions

1. If you want to replace Or return the product, please contact us within 3 days of receipt. Items returned by mail or returned or exchanged at one of our shop locations must not be worn, unclean or flawed.

2. Please inform us if there is a serious quality problem requiring a refund.

3.We will not be refunded if the product is damaged by human behavior or external factors.

4. If you refuse to receive the package as required, we will not refund the full amount. We will refund your fee after receipt of the return, but do not include postage.

How can I get free shipping?

When the order is full of 8250INR, your postage is free, otherwise you will pay the required mailing costs.

When will we ship?

The parcel shipping time begins on the day of shipment from the warehouse.We strive to ship your order as soon as possible.However, due to the volatility of the order quantity, under normal circumstances, your order in the delivery before the need for up to 48 hours of processing and packaging.

How long before I receive my order?

International freight generally arrives in 10-15 days, but the delay due to customs delays is beyond our control.

How do I return a product purchased from

Please return to our return order before returning to us.If we will not be refunded in full for your order due to incorrect address or no sign, and we will arrange for re-delivery after receipt of the return. The extra costs are paid by you.

Can I change my delivery address?

If you would like to change the delivery address please contact us.


Delivery orders will be irrevocable. beg to be excused!

Once the payment order has been assigned to the operation center, you will not be able to make any changes. Please be sure to make sure your order information is correct and do not pay if the order information is incorrect.

If you have any questions of this policy, Please contact us.


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